Green Facts

Up to 2,000 tires are used in each lane mile of pavement.

Because some applications of rubber asphalt are thinner than comparable conventional asphalt courses, less paving material is used. This conservation of building resources also appeals widely to environmentalists.

Media Coverage

Liberty Tire Recycling is at the forefront of a revolutionary conservation industry.
Take a look at how we’re making news.

“Liberty Tire Recycling Partnering on Rubberized Asphalt System”

January 2015

“Liberty Tire Recycling and Lehigh Technologies Sign Distribution Agreement for Rheopave RMA Technology”

January 2015

“GCE signs agreement with Liberty Tire Recycling”

October 2014

“Liberty Tire Recycling, Bridgestone presenting 'Recycle Florida: 2014'”

April 2014

“Recycle Nashville 2013”

February 2013

“Liberty Tire, Bridgestone co-hosting recycling event”

February 2013

“Rubberized Asphalt is Focus of Industry Event”

February 2013

“Liberty Tire Recycling recognized for recycling illegally dumped tires ”

January 2013

“Rubberized Asphalt is Focus of Industry Event”

January 29, 2013

“Liberty Tire Recycling earns GREENGUARD Synthetic Turf Certification for Infill produced by plants across North America”

January 22, 2013

“The Second Time Around: Recycled materials need analysis, characterization”, by Tom Kuennen

September 2012

“Ground Tire Rubber Challenges Polymer Modifiers in Asphalt”, by Doug Carlson

Summer 2012

“Liberty Tire Recycling: GDOT Specs Now Include Recycled Tire Rubber as Asphalt Alternative”

April 2, 2012

“When road wears out rubber, the rubber becomes new road”, by Steven Oberbeck

December 15, 2011

“Why Rubberized Asphalt Might Be in Your Future”, by Doug Carlson

September 2011

“Acquisitions Round Out Liberty Tire Recycling’s Revenue Opportunities”, by Tracy Carbasho

August 26, 2011

“Recycle Atlanta Puts Focus on Rubberized Asphalt”, by staff writer

June 2011

“Liberty Tire´s Atlanta plant collects 1,000 scrap tires”, by Chrissy Kadleck

May 23, 2011

“Liberty Tire Helps with Atlanta Cleanup”, by staff writer

May 20, 2011

“Art Center Gets Help With Tire Problem”, by Lesley Tanner

May 17, 2011

“AJC Photos of the Week,”, by staff writer

May 14- 20, 2011

“Liberty Tire Recycling, SmartOpps leasing space in Seagate building in Pittsburgh's Strip District”, by Tim Schooley

March 4, 2011

COVER STORY: Mass Production, by Brian Taylor

December, 2010

More than Crumbs, by Brian Taylor

December, 2010

Scrap Tire News

Rubberized asphalt lasts longer for less

November, 2010

Safer, Stronger, Smarter, by Kurt Meyer.

October, 2010

Corporate Counsel

Liberty Tire Recycling Names Frank DeCarlo General Counsel, by Clair Zillman

October 5, 2010

The Liberty Tire Motorsports Buzz

August, 2010

Darlington Adds an Experience-Building Stripe to the MAKE Motorsports Race Resume

August 16, 2010

No Risk from Tire Crumb, by Brad Pittam.

July, 2010

Rubber recycling firms discuss market strategies

June, 2010

Liberty Tire Recycling hires SVP, Marketing, Sales

June 7, 2010

An EPA Study Further Confirms Earlier Studies on the Safety of Scrap Tires Used in Playground and Turf Field Applications, by Jeffrey Kendall.

April, 2010

Liberty Tire praises study vindicating crumb rubber infill for athletic fields

April 23, 2010

Recycled tires turned into fuel, metal, by Eddie Cortes

April 7, 2010

Region's Manufacturing Base Understands Value of Recycling

March 2010

Scrap Tire News

EPA study OKs recycled rubber surfaces

February 2010

Limited EPA Crumb Rubber Study Finds Low Level of Concern

January 2010

Global Tire News

RMA, Liberty Tire praise EPA crumb rubber study

December 2010

Search Auto

Sports fields made of recycled tires score points in EPA study

December 2009

US Study of Tyre Crumb Rubber Finds 'Low Level of Concern'

December 2009

RMA, Liberty Tire praise EPA crumb rubber study, by Miles Moore

December 11, 2009